progivanie (2)After agreeing on the phone all the conditions of your chosen accommodation, you get the keys, having arrived directly at the apartment or somewhere in another place convenient to you. At the time of settlement you present your passport, and make the final payment.
  Time of departure and arrival from the apartment is from 12:00 to 14:00 (day 24 hours). If you call after 14:00 departure time remains the same – until 12:00 with you individually, we can specify a later departure time, or vice versa, early check-in time into the apartment. We can go to you on cession, if available. The price paid for your apartment with us includes specified number of sets of bed linen, towels, and kitchen utensils, electricity, hot and cold water. You can order additional cleaning of the apartment for a separate payment that you pay. On the last day of your stay at the apartment, you warn us about no later than one hour before departure. At the agreed time you can give us to the apartment and keys. 

   We provide accounting documentation for your accounting

– Smoking in apartments (which is allowed in the kitchen with an open window or balcony.) progivanie
– Exceed the permissible level of noise, loud music, in the period from 22:00 – 8:00.
– Take in an apartment over an agreed number of people.
– To upset and spoil apartment property.

 … In the case of complaints of the neighbors at night, may occur the early eviction from the apartment, the payment made for the remaining duration of your stay is not refundable. 

… In case of lost keys, you will reimburse the cost of the purchase and replacement of similar new lock.

The cost of spoiled property in yoour is and compensated by you for your money and our price