About us

about2.. We have been working since 2006, and very much value our reputation in the market. We provide daily and hourly rental apartments. We are not intermediaries. How we work? We are officially rent apartments from their owners for a very long period (accounting for a lease with the landlord, pay all taxes), equip them with his furniture and appliances, we complete kitchenware, bedding, towels and sums thus under standard daily rent. Daily apartments are cleaned on a regular basis, we keep them in good condition furniture and appliances that you do not experience discomfort. Further, we offer these apartments have you, dear reader, and we hope in the future of our clients, pre-folded the price already on its behalf by the day, on the basis of evidence of payment of taxes and discharge of a private entrepreneur from the executive committee to allow to do this kind of business. For this reason, you will not have to pay commission and pay for mediation services – you stipulate with us the final price for staying in the apartment daily – no markups. We work in confidence with each client. Our main objective – is grateful and satisfied customer who receives services provided for daily rent in full, satisfied with the price, friendly service, the level of accommodation and cleanliness kvartiryJ. We are constantly improving, developing and implementing, and sometimes borrowing innovations in the market of daily rent. Customer focus – allows us as soon as possible, to have filled the niche of hotel services – to become the best in the field of Daily Business. We are pleased to take for your criticism, analyze it and take appropriate measures to address deficiencies identified by you in our work. We are grateful to our loyal customers, leaving warm reviews about us. We do not stop at the achieved level. In our further plans – to open branches in other cities of Ukraine.about

When creating this site – considered the most simple and convenient for its perception. Functional website – Payments, Accommodation, Reservations, search filter flats landmarks, reporting documents – help you learn more about the daily rent – all apartments are the same pick-up conditions and have the same standard. On the home page – you will get acquainted with the situation on an available-occupied apartments, symbolically displayed on the map. Why is exemplary? Setting free-occupied apartments takes place once a day, and the situation varies throughout the day. Want to get more detailed information, you could not find on the site? Just give us a call