To book your chosen apartment you can advance by contacting us by phone or filling out the application sheet and sending it to us by mail. After receiving the preliminary application, we will contact you by phone, and stipulate the details. The guarantee your settlement in the reserved apartment is your deposit! The prepayment amount, negotiated with you individually, in case of failure by you to the apartment is not refundable. In some individual cases, you have booked an apartment, possibly changing the timing of settlement, provided in advance (no less than three days) that needs to be stated with us. The prepayment amount subsequently deducted from the total amount of the final payment.
Having received an advance payment, we will send you an email report stating the amount received from your prepaid time occupation, address, apartment, and the balance of the payment that you pay at the time of settlement. Accommodation occurs only if you have the document (passport) that can prove your personal identity. Booking an apartment for one day earlier than two days is not carried out. Order an apartment for hourly residence by not less than twelve hours, when it became necessary. The minimum hourly rental period is four hours. (Your choice, from 10:00 to 18:00, or at any other time, if the apartment is available)
In case of force majeure on the booked your apartment, we offer you a similar or higher class apartment.


After agreeing on the phone all the conditions of your chosen accommodation, you get the keys, having arrived directly at the apartment or somewhere in another place convenient to you.progivanie At the time of settlement you present your passport, and make the final payment.
Time of departure and arrival from the apartment is from 14:00 to 14:00 (day 24 hours). If you call after 14:00 departure time remains the same - until 14:00 with you individually, we can specify a later departure time, or vice versa, early check-in time into the apartment. We can go to you on cession, if available. The price paid for your apartment with us includes specified number of sets of bed linen, towels, and kitchen utensils, electricity, hot and cold water. You can order additional cleaning of the apartment for a separate payment that you pay. On the last day of your stay at the apartment, you warn us about no later than one hour before departure. At the agreed time you can give us to the apartment and keys.

We provide accounting documentation for your accounting

- Smoking in apartments (which is allowed in the kitchen with an open window or balcony.)
- Exceed the permissible level of noise, loud music, in the period from 22:00 - 8:00.
- Take in an apartment over an agreed number of people.
- To upset and spoil apartment property.

In the case of complaints of the neighbors at night, may occur the early eviction from the apartment, the payment made for the remaining duration of your stay is not refundable.


services (2)- If necessary, get a free consultation, informational character of living in your chosen apartment, and adjacent neighborhoods.
-You can request an extraordinary cleaning the apartment for separately, if you've made an extra charge.
-At your request, for an additional fee, you can order laundry of linen, and your personal belongings.
Services to our partners:
- Translation: oral, written translation.
- Massage.
- Meeting at the airport, railway station, the delivery .
- Taxi, flower delivery, pizza.
- Restaurants, cafes, night clubs


Use any of the following options for payment and final payment for rent: pay2
Bank transfer

Convenient and reliable way to transfer or receive non-cash means of both Ukraine and worldwide. Bank transfer or money order can be from your current bank account, with or without opening an account by making cash on hand of any commercial bank with details of the recipient. Wire transfer is fairly inexpensive and you can translate both small and large sums with a minimum commission.

Payment details for bank transfer:

Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH)
Recipient: private Entrepreneur Sikorsky Timur Aleksandrovich
EDRPOU code. 2907805053
Current account: 26050980022351
Card number 0626619700 you need to specify in the payment aim
Beneficiary Bank: Raiffeisen Bank Aval
Purpose of payment: Advance payment for the services of renting an apartment according to the invoice № ... from ... Without VAT

-The calculation of cash

Available apartaments.
The numbers on the labels correspond to the number of rooms of the apartment dayly.
Employed apartaments.

You are welcome to the city, that numbers a lot of monuments and places of important historical events. You will have a great opportunity to visit all of them if you daily rent apartment in Poltava. Every day, daily, Poltava, receives tourists from all over the world who rent apartments for 24 hours or more and want to keep the best impressions and pictures in order not to forget the visited places.

You can rent an apartment for a night, for an hour without mediators, commission or service payment on our site (all the given options of apartments for a daily rent belong to us according to the right of ownership or they are in the trust fund). Using our service «apartmentsfor a daily rent in Poltava» you may order transfer from the airport or the railway station. With the help of our site it’s easy to rent a daily apartment in Poltava (all variants displayed are absolutely real, with a detailed description of what it has inside). If you decide to stay in Poltava for a night longer (more than 3 nights) you are guaranteed to get a discount for renting. For travelling expenses, there is a full package of paperwork (you can find the example in a particular section on our site). If you are a student, we can offer you an apartment for a daily rent in Poltava for 2-6 people, that is situated close to your university. Do you need an apartment for an hour in Poltava, confidentially, in a convenient place for a reasonable price? Confidentiality is our credo. Booking of an apartment can be done on the phone, by post, on our site or in any convenient for you way without paying in advance. How to pay for staying in Poltava you can find out in the section «Payment». Handing keys when moving in the apartment for a daily rent in Poltava occurs in the apartment or in any convenient for you place, without any bureaucratic delays and lasts for about 5 minutes.

Finally, having looked through a diversity of offers on the Internet with a tag «Poltava for a night» «apartment for rent in Poltava», «Poltava for 24 hours», you can personally define ratio <price-quality> of services at the market of short-term rent and make your choice. We have an individual approach to everyone who uses our services «apartment for a daily rent in Poltava», and we thank you for your co-operation.

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